A building is not just a place to be but a way to be....!


Design activity from the macro level to the micro level. As architects we strive for timeless designs that transcend style and trends by addressing the specificities of each site, program and client. We believe that design should not begin with a preconceived idea or a style, but should flow naturally from a thorough investigation and understanding of each project’s unique challenges. This ensures that each design will suit the specific needs of each client. Our design approach stresses land infill, reuse and redevelopment as important strategies for cultivating community.The firm provides unique designs according to budget and provides complete services until completion.

Planning and Feasibility Study

Feasibility studies are an important first step to help clients determine whether their desired project can become a reality.  A feasibility study considers all of the aspects of your project, including the availability of time and capacity, financial and other resources, market demand, as well as technical. Feasibility studies can provide a planning process to articulate the project vision,articulate the project context,test project assumptions,identify the scope of work,estimate capital and operating budgets,outline planning framework&determine whether the project is feasible. AJ ARCHITECTS undertakes feasibility study of land or real estate in Kannur City at an architectural level and at a commercial level. Before the development of a site,we conduct a background study about it and what design aspects best suite the land and conditions. Our clients will tell you we have a unique ability to identify hidden costs at the earliest stages of determining the feasibility of a project.  Equally important is our ability to identify opportunities to avoid problems, use economical and creative solutions resulting in lower project costs.

Designing and Consultancy

We consider our success in the design and consultancy sector to originate from an in-depth understanding of working practices and market requirements, combined with a client focused approach.Within all commercial and institutional projects we seek to balance design ambition with financial viability. We understand that development on this scale is intended to be a generator for economic growth within the region and that quality design combined with efficient planning is a requirement to enable this growth. This understanding combined with our knowledge of local markets, skills as designers and client focused outlook all contribute to the creation of unique, innovative buildings which respond not only to the client’s needs but also to the surrounding context, culture and climate, wherever we are in the world. With a group of talented professionals the firm provides unique designs according to budget and provides complete services until completion.


In the current challenging economic conditions it is necessary not only to offer the market products of the highest class, but to react promptly to requests from the market. A highly professional team, with years of design experience in the field of residential construction, solves the most complex problems in the organization of living space. As designers we consider total environments which aspire to meet the constantly changing market demands within the residential sector. Creating a high-quality and versatile development with an appropriate response to the client's needs, context and culture as well as the end-user's expectations is the prime consideration from the outset of every project. From the initial site masterplanning stage through to the detailed design of the project, we cater to the needs of the clients.

Interior Designing

We enact the perfect balance between personality and sustainability, believing that interior spaces should be healthy, artful environments.Creating comfortable and pleasant interiors to suit the needs of diverse travellers, takes not only a wealth of experience but an innovative approach to design. AJ Architects’ Interior Design is characterised through a mix of creative planning, functionality,versatility and timeless simplicity.With particular attention to spatial planning and design details, manipulation of lighting and use of materials, we have produced a number of high-profile interior design projects for a number of corporate clients.We deliver functional interior solutions that integrate with the surroundings whilst acknowledging the needs of the client.The firm provides complete interior designs including detailed working drawings according to the nature of the project.

Real Estate

AJ ARCHITECTS will assist you when you are involved in buying or selling of property, land or real estate in Kannur city. We will help you ensure that there are no legal or structural issues in the transaction.

Our main services

we are more than happy to offer you


1. Plan (Floor plans, site layout)
2. 2d elevation (If needed)
3. Exterior 3d view*
4. Panchayath or municipal

Detailed Drawings

1. Following structural details are provided as per the finalized plan and 3d view.
a) Centerline
b) Plinth beam
c) Interior layout concept
d) Masonry
e) Lintel
f) Stair
g) Sunshade
h) Slab
i) Plastering
j) Electrical
k) Plumbing
2. Site assistance**


1. Structural details as per need***
2. Electrical design & material selection
3. Plumbing design & material selection
4. Doors, windows & grills designs
5. Landscape & flooring design
6. Compound wall & gate design
7. Assistance to tile selection
8. Assistance to light selection
9. Assistance for fixing quotations
10. Assistance to paint selection
11. Site supervision
12. Labour supply @ 5%